Hello! My name is Kelly Snyder and I am a senior English major and Writing and Editing minor at Auburn University at Montgomery in Montgomery, AL. My future career aspirations include being a writer, an editor, and working in some capacity for one of the major publishing companies.

I have experience writing and editing for online publications and personal websites. In the Fall Semester of 2019, I completed a wonderful in-depth internship at a smaller local publishing company. I am truly blessed because they extended me a job offer and I am working in the Publicity and Marketing portion of the company. In addition, I also have managed my own website, the one you are seeing here, for two years.

The type of content I have here includes blog posts that are informal in nature and on a variety of topics, articles I wrote while I was employed with certain online publications, academic research, papers, and special projects. I am working on getting all of these materials uploaded soon!

To see my experience, skills, and qualifications head to the Contact Me page as I have my resume linked there as well as a contact form if you have questions, comments, or concerns.

Kelly Snyder